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Attention Coaches and Athletes!

Athletes, staying in shape, and increasing your performance in the off-season is the key to winning!

We offer athletic training programs specific to YOUR sport, to make you the best athlete you can be.

Coaches are you looking to optimize your athletes performance? We've been helping coaches do just that for over 30 years!

Your athletes can train in person, or get our online training workouts sent directly to their smart devices, so they can train anywhere.

Here’s what some of our athletes and coaches say:

I started training with Larry last year to get in better shape for football and it worked. My coach saw it and gave me more playing time. He told me to sign up with Larry again for this preseason which I did.

Mason, (student athlete)

Coach, I appreciate all the conditioning drills, I took 1st place in our county wrestling tournament." Matt., (student, athlete)

Larry’s assessment of our team and conditioning program for the kids was a big help in getting us into the playoffs.

Coach Rafferty, - Rebels

To receive a free assessment for your athlete or team, contact me at:

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