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Basic Knife Defenses (instructional video)

This weeks "Self Defense Technique of the Week" we are covering Basic Knife Defenses (360 degree blocks) This technique video is part of my Krav Maga program.

First of all, you should always run away when confronted with a weapon, but there are times when you have to slow down the assailant first to give yourself time to run away. That is what this video is about.

A knife is the most dangerous close quarters weapon out there. This is because it can strike you from all 360 degrees (unlike a gun). Additionally, any part of the blade that touches you, both slashes or stabs, can be lethal, As a result, the goal is to always run away, whether it be before, during, or after the assailant strikes.

How to perform:

  1. Stand in a neutral stance with your hands up in front of you, while facing your partner.

  2. Have your partner slowly slash or stab at you from various angles: High and low, horizontally, vertically, and diagonally (see video for examples).

  3. Block the oncoming knife with your forearm in a perpendicular fashion, so you stop the force directly. Do Not block on an angle or (a real) knife can slide down and still cut you.

  4. Master blocking the knife with you and your partner in a stationary position (as shown on the video). After mastering that, start moving around and increasing the speed to replicate a real knife attack.

Practice running away from your partner in training!

While this may seem too simple to practice, you'd be surprised how many people freeze up when confronted with a weapon. Freezing up is a natural reaction when surprised, so you must train to run away, or you may freeze up in a real situation.

Practice when to run:

  • Run away the moment you see the knife.

  • Block the knife, then run away.

  • Block and strike the assailant, then run away.

Warning! Don’t train with a real knife:

Practice knives allow you to make mistakes, and allows you to train fast and hard (you can't do that with a real knife). There are many inexpensive rubber practice knives you can purchase (just google them).

Below is a tutorial on how to perform the Basic Knife Defenses (360 degree blocks).

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Until next time, Stay Safe!

Lawrence Castanon,

Author, The Short Fight



Basic Knife Defenses (360 degree blocks)

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