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Benefits of Small Group and Private Lessons

After teaching large group classes, small group lessons, and private lessons, for decades, I came to some realizations about the benefits of private lessons and small group training that you may not find in large group classes.

Some benefits of small group and private lessons include:

  1. Receiving the coach/teacher’s full attention for the entirety of the lesson.

  2. Lessons are tailored to Your unique needs and learning style.

  3. You can pick up where you left off if you miss sessions due to illness, or vacation etc.

  4. You get to work at Your own pace.

  5. The training is customized to reach Your specific goals. Whether your an athlete, senior citizen, or disabled person, a program will be made specifically for you.

  6. You get to choose a coach/teacher that is right for You (based on your personality, temperament etc.).

  7. Increased confidence as you build strong relationships with your coach/teacher (ideal for those who are shy or introverted).

  8. There is varied material and training methods to keep you motivated.

  9. You can schedule training sessions when they’re most convenient for You.

  10. Saves you time and money - Although you may pay a little more per lesson up front, one private lesson is the equivalent of up to 3 group classes. So, in the end you will reach your goals faster, thus saving you money and time in additional classes.

  11. Extra training at no additional charge. Your coach will give you work to do at home to help you reach your goals quicker. (For example, I give my clients video workouts, nutrition approved diets, and martial arts technique videos (for martial arts students), to train on their own or with loved ones.)

  12. Some trainers even let you contact them anytime, (for example, my clients can contact me day or night with any questions, or just to send me funny cat videos.) 🙂

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Until next time, Stay Safe!

Lawrence Castanon

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