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Clinch Fighting For Self Defense

Clinch fighting is a type of stand-up grappling, and is a very common position in street fights. Clinches can occur when one fighter wants to get close enough to strike the other, or when one fighter wants to stop the strikes of the other. Clinches can also occur when one or both fighters get tire, or to set up a take down, or throw an opponent.

If the smaller/weaker fighter knows how to fight in the clinch, he/she can defend themselves effectively against the larger or stronger assailant, because they are inside the bigger persons striking range. This allows them to strike easily without receiving much damage in return, while keeping the fight on their feet.

Unfortunately, most folks don't know how to control and fight in the clinch, so many fights end up on the ground. This is disastrous for the smaller, weaker person as they can be easily overpowered and taken down onto their back, with the bigger stronger assailant on top of them, raining down strikes.

As such, for the next few weeks, our weekly self defense tactics will focus on various clinches, and techniques the smaller/weaker person can use if they find themselves in the clinch position.

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