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Defend The Front Bear Hug #2 - Under The Arms

A front bear hug where the assailant has his arms underneath your arms (around your waist) is actually easier to defend yourself against than the previous bear hug, because your arms are free to strike him.

The first thing you'll want to do if the assailant grabs you around your waist and attempts to pick you up to transport you (i.e., kidnapping etc.), is drop your weight (squat), and begin twisting violently. If the assailant continues to picks you up, repeatedly lift your legs up and thrust them down towards the ground (dropping your weight) as hard as you can while striking him.

Strikes to use to force the assailant to release you:

  • Deliver repeated horizontal and/or downward vertical elbows to the assailant’s face, throat, or torso.

  • Deliver repeated knees to assailant’s groin.

  • Deliver repeated head butts to assailant’s face (not their forehead).

  • Scratch, gouge, and/or grab the assailant’s face and throat.

Note: Continue attacking the assailant until they let you go, then run away.

Below is a quick demonstration video of this defense.

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Until next time, Stay Safe!

Lawrence Castanon

Author, The Short Fight


Defense Against Front Bear-hug Under The Arms

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