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Defend Yourself Against Aging (tips)

It happens to our body after the age of 30?

If you're over the age of 30 you've probably noticed some changes occurring in your body. Some of the changes may include:

  • Muscle Mass Decline: While folks in their late teens and 20s are able to build and/or retain muscle mass almost relatively easily, this process begins to reverse during your 30s.

  • Weight Gain: As you enter your 30s, your metabolism begins to slow down. Unfortunately most folks don’t realize this, and because the process of weight gain is slow but steady, they may not even notice they have a problem.

  • Heart Changes: For most folks, the aerobic capacity of the heart peaks by age 31 or 32. A reduced ability to extract oxygen from blood, which also occurs during your 30s, will complicate matters by causing heart health risks like high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

  • Stress and Depression Increases: When you get over the age of 30, stress and depression increase as the production of certain neurochemicals in your brain decreases. This is the cause of the infamous "mid-life crisis".

  • Ghost injuries: These are old injuries that you received when you were younger, that come back as you age. This is generally caused by muscle, ligament, tendon, and nervous system degradation.

  • And Many More: Other changes include, skin thinning out, loss of hair, and hair turning grey, to name a few.

How To Defend Yourself Against Aging.

Aging is a biological fact that we cannot escape (yet). However there are things we can do that can literally turn the clock back somewhat.

Would you rather be 90 years old, lying in a bed alone, waiting to die? Or, Would you rather be out there playing with your grand kids and great grand kids until the day you drop. The latter is how I want to go out. Quality of life matters!

Here are some tips that I do myself (and have science backing them up) that will help you turn the clock back and increase your quality of life as you age:

  • Eat A Clean Diet: Most centenarians (who are active) eat a predominately whole food plant based diet. Now I'm not talking about the vegan junk food, I mean clean whole food. They also eat much less animals than what you would find in SAD (standard American diet).

  • Move Your Body: The older you get the more important it is to move your body. By now you probably notice when you wake up the first thing you may feel is stiffness. This is because our muscles, ligaments, and tendons begin to degrade as we get older. We need to offset that by staying in motion.

  • Fast: There are a lot of studies being done on the benefits of fasting on aging. Turns out it gets rid of old senescent cells, and allows new cells to grow (new cells = new body). There are many types of fasting including: 16/8 fasts, one meal a day fast, alternate day fast, 24 hour fasts, and multiple day fasts to name a few.

  • Exercise: The quickest way to reverse physical and mental signs of aging is by exercising. You need to exercise intensely enough to combat the muscle degrading effects of ageing. It's not easy, but if you skip this step you will have a sub-par quality of life. NOTE: DO NOT jump on the latest exercise fad, these are primarily designed for young, fit people. Find a personal trainer who as experience working with your age group (ask for referrals).

  • Get Social: Studies done on centenarian groups have one thing in common, they are social people. They live near or with family, have lots of friends, and get out and participate in social events. Depression is a big problem among the aging, and having lots of social ties combat that.

Want To Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life?

We offer a variety of fitness programs to meet your needs, including:

  • Longevity Fitness Programs.

  • Weight Loss Programs.

  • Sport Specific Programs (including self-defense).

  • Sports Medicine Therapy and Post-rehab Programs.

  • Dietician Approved Meal Plans.

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