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How To Perform The Single Under-hook With Striking (Pics and video included)

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

The under-hook is a great offensive technique that you can use when in the clinch. The single under-hook occurs when one of your arms goes under the assailant's arm/armpit, while in the clinch. You can control the assailant by pulling them down to meet your strikes. You can also use the under-hook to move them forwards, backwards, and to either side.

Under-hook front view
Under-hook front view
Under-hook back view
Under-hook back view
Under-hook to elbow strike
Under-hook to elbow strike

How to perform the single under-hook:
  1. Facing the assailant (your partner in practice), bring your left arm underneath their right arm (same side) until your bicep/shoulder is pinned into their arm pit.

  2. Clasp that hand with your other hand and pull him down to control him. Alternatively, you can grab your chest with your under-hook hand, leaving your other hand free to strike with.

  3. Do not lean back or reach up too high; doing so will put you off balance. If they are too tall, use a different clinch (you'll learn more clinches in the upcoming weeks).

Strikes from the single under-hook clinch include:
  • Deliver knees to the groin or thigh.

  • Deliver horizontal or vertical elbows to opponent’s torso, neck, and/or face/head.

  • Deliver head butts to opponent’s chin, mouth, or nose. Do Not head butt them in the forehead.

Below are two videos showing how to strike while using the the single under-hook.

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Until next time, Stay Safe!

Lawrence Castanon

Author, The Short Fight


The single under-hook to knee strike

The single under-hook to elbow strike

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