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How To Strike Using The Single Wrist Grab (2 instructional videos included)

Grabbing the assailants wrist is a great way to both control the assailant, and lessen the amount of strikes they deliver to you. Use this clinch to set up strikes, takedown, or throws. When the assailant attempts to pull their wrist away, they will pull you close to them. This gives the smaller fighter the reach necessary to attack. How to strike while using the wrist grab:
  1. Facing your partner, use one hand to grab over the top of his same-side wrist. This is an overhand grip on the top of his wrist. If his hands are up around your shoulder height, you can grab the underside of his wrist with an underhand grip.

  2. Deliver head butts to opponent’s face (as pictured above), and/or,

  3. Deliver horizontal or vertical elbows to opponent’s torso, neck, and/or face/head (see video below), and/or,

  4. Deliver shovel kicks or knees to the groin (depending on distance), and oblique kicks to opponents’ knee.

Drill controlling the assailant with the wrist grab:

Drill moving your partner around in this clinch while practicing the strikes listed.

  • Practice both attacking while doing the clinching, and attacking when being clinched by your partner.

Watch both instructional videos below for details.

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Single Wrist Grab to Elbow Strike

Controlling the Assailant Drill

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