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Learn My Favorite Kick For Self-defense Or Competition (instructional video included)

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

The low round kick to your opponent’s calf, thigh, or side of knee is a powerful kick that can drop an assailant with as little as only one strike. Also, repeatedly kicking the assailant’s same leg (calf, thigh, or side of knee) can render them immobile. I used it successfully in many matches and it is one of my favorite techniques.

How to perform the low roundhouse kick:

  1. To perform, from fighting stance, simultaneously rock up onto the ball and toes of your lead leg, as you rotate your hips, and body towards the assailant.

  2. Slightly bend your knee and extend your toes downward.

  3. Have your leg move in a small arching fashion from mid (hip) height to low height ending at the side of the opponent’s calf, or lower thigh region.

  4. Your shin makes contact with the opponent’s calf, low thigh, or side of knee.

  5. Keep your hands up and away or slightly above your head for protection.

  6. Move your head off centerline when kicking to avoid any straigght punches.

Note: Having rock hard shins will hurt the assailant every time you roundhouse kick them. You can create hard shins by rubbing them with a tubular shaped stick, then, graduating to hitting your shins with the stick. Additionally, you can kick the low part of a heavy bag (where the sand settles) with your shin and instep.

Below is a quick tutorial of how to perform the technique.

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Until next time, Stay Safe!

Lawrence Castanon

Author, The Short Fight


The low roundhouse kick to the assailant's calf, low thigh, or side of knee

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