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MMA fighter caught on video knocking man out in bar (warning disturbing pic and video)

Former Glory Kickboxing Champion and Bellator fighter Joe Schilling knocked out a man at a bar on Monday. (warning disturbing pic and video)

In the video you can see the man dancing around and backing into Joe. After Joe pushes passed him, you see the man saying something, apparently calling him out. As Joe turns around, you see the man flex like he's going to do something. As a result Joe's reflexes kick in and he punches him with what looks like a 2-3 combination (cross, hook), knocking the man out cold.

Now before we get into who was right or wrong, lets talk about a few things. As I wrote in The Short Fight book, you never want to start a fight, because you never know who you are fighting! So many things can go wrong when you start a fight. The other guy can have a weapon, or friends, or as in this case, is a professional Kickboxing and MMA fighter. Starting a fight in todays day and age is both arrogant and dangerous.

That being said, walking away from a fight is always your best course of action. BUT, I don't know what this dude said to Joe. What was Joe's state of mind (was he having a bad day)? Then there's the flexing that the man did before Joe hit him. He was clearly going to do something, Joe just got to him first.

Who was right or wrong? You can watch the video here and make your own determination

Talk soon, and Stay Safe!

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