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MMA Goes Mainstream And What That Means For Your Children

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Nowadays, Mixed Martial Arts events are seen on many major cable outlets, and on some local TV stations too. All kids have to do is click on a channel to watch it. Additionally, they can find almost any MMA fight on YouTube, which they can access from their smart device.

Why is this a problem?

Because, any bully, or sociopath, can pick up these techniques and perform them on your child. You can find a plethora of street fights that have been recorded and uploaded onto the internet showing kids getting beat up by a bully using mixed martial arts. After all, mixed martial arts is one of the most effective forms of fighting because it uses a combination of the best techniques from boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, and Jiu-jitsu.

Additionally, having your child practice traditional martial arts may not help because it doesn't offer the diversity that mixed martial arts does. For example, if your "karate kid" were to punch or kick a kid who knows MMA, they would simply take your kid down to the ground and beat them up there.

Additionally, due to the simplicity of mixed martial arts techniques, the bully doesn't need to have years of training to be effective (as found in other martial arts) , that's because MMA techniques are not complicated to perform.

Furthermore, to make matter worse, an untrained person using mixed martial arts techniques can do even more damage than a trained practitioner because they don't know when to stop. Folks have died (knocked out, choked out etc.), or been maimed (arm broken or dislocated) by an untrained assailant.

So what is a parent to do?

Well I hate to quote the old adage, "If you can't beat them, join them," but I believe it applies in this case. With mixed martial arts being in the mainstream for anyone to watch, and it's unparalleled effectiveness, I recommend that parents consider getting their children some Mixed Martial Arts training. Not because you want them to be an ultimate fighter, but so they will be aware of these techniques, and be able to defend themselves from them.

If you have any questions about finding mixed martial arts instruction for your child don't hesitate to contact me.

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Until next time, Stay Safe!

Lawrence Castanon

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