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Paying it Forward: the Story Behind My Free Resources for Self-defense and Fitness

Have you ever wondered why I offer free training sessions, and a blog filled with self-defense and fitness lessons on my website? It's a question I sometimes get, and it's a fair one.

In a world where skepticism surrounds anything offered for free, I want to share the backstory that led me to this path. Growing up, I faced bullying and often found myself on the receiving end of many beat downs. It was a challenging time until a kind police officer named John stepped into my life.

Officer John taught martial arts lessons at a community center and invited me to join his class, but he did something extraordinary – he never charged me a penny. Additionally, "Sensei" John's generosity extended beyond the training sessions; he would also invite me to join the students for meals after class, covering all the expenses without expecting anything in return. Even though I was the only kid in a class full of adults, I was always welcomed. This resulted in me developing a strong passion for the martial arts/fitness, and eventually becoming an instructor myself.

His selfless acts left a lasting impact on me, shaping my belief in the power of paying it forward. Now, over 40 years later, I continue to offer free resources on health, fitness, and self-defense through personalized training sessions, my digital book available on Amazon, and a blog on my website.

While some people graciously leave positive reviews and express gratitude, others quietly benefit without any strings attached – and that's perfectly fine. It's about creating opportunities for everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances, just like Sensei John did for me.

So, why do I offer the free training? It's a way of paying forward the kindness I received, and I invite you to join me in this journey. If you know someone who would appreciate learning self-defense or getting into great shape, could you share this free resource with them?

Here is the link to sign up for my self-defense, health, and fitness blog:

Let's continue the legacy of paying it forward together!

Until next time, Stay Safe and Healthy!

Lawrence Castanon

Author, The Short Fight


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