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Pray For Ukraine

I don't usually post political stuff on here, normally today's article would be the "self defense of the week", but with Russia's invasion of the Ukraine this morning, I figured this would be more important.

I don't like bullies, getting beaten up by them for years growing up. After training in the martial arts for a couple of years, I got strong enough to defend myself, and that was the last time I let anyone bully me.

Win, lose, or draw, future bullies would know they were in a fight with me, as they would leave with some physical reminders. After a while even the most stubborn bullies got tired of fighting with me, because they knew it would always be a grueling, miserable fight.

I don't know how this relates to what's going on, I just pray that the Ukrainian people stay strong and safe.

God Bless,


Lawrence Castanon

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