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Private Lessons- A great Training Option!

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

I have taught both group classes and private lessons for decades. I came to some realizations about the benefits of private lessons (aka personal training), that you should know.

Benefits of private lessons:

1) You receive the coach/teacher’s full attention for the entirety of the lesson.

2) Get lessons that are tailored to YOUR unique needs and learning style.

3) If you miss lessons due to illness, vacation etc., the lessons will pick up

where you left off (no missing out on material when you are away).

4) You get to work at YOUR own pace.

5) The training is customized to reach YOUR specific goals.

6) You get to choose a coach/teacher that is right for YOU (your personality, temperament etc.).

7) Increased confidence as you build strong relationships with your coach/teacher (ideal for those who are shy or introverted).

8) More interesting material and training methods. Group class curriculum is

limited because it has to appeal to the masses. Not so with private training,

whether you are an athlete, a beginner, into specific martial arts, or just want to

do fitness, the program will be designed specifically for You.

9) Schedule training sessions when they are most convenient for You.

10) Saves you time and money. Although you may pay a little more per lesson up front, one private

lesson is the equivalent of up to three group classes. So, in the end you will reach your goals faster, thus saving you money and time in additional classes.

11) Extra training at no additional charge to help you reach your goals quicker. For example, I give my clients workout videos, martial arts technique videos, and nutrition approved diets.

12) The ability to train from anywhere in the world. For example, with the creation of Zoom and other live video services, I am able to train clients throughout the world, all in the comfort of their own homes.

13) Bonus: Additionally, my clients can contact me day or night with questions, or just to send me funny cat videos :)

If you’re interested in private lessons either in-person or online contact me here at

Remember book owners get free access to our training video library. You can pick up my book, The Short Fight at

Stay Safe!

Lawrence Castanon

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