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Self Defense Tip: Are You Hard To Kill?

Updated: May 1, 2023

One of the best ways to ensure your own safety is to be hard to kill. Let me tell you a secret: Defending yourself is not complicated. As a matter of fact, you don't even have to know how to fight in order to be successful at defending yourself. You only have to be hard to kill.

Defending yourself is actually pretty simple if you follow certain rules:

  1. Don't put yourself in bad situations (i.e. hanging out at the rough bars, or walking home alone in the middle of the night, etc.).

  2. Eat your pride and apologize, even if its not your fault. Is it really worth getting killed over?

  3. Run away - this is a 100% full proof method of self defense.

Did you notice that none of these rules have anything to do with fighting?

But what if you are attacked? Be hard to kill!

If you tried avoiding the attack to no avail (it happens), you have to be hard to kill. You need to attack the attacker ruthlessly and escape the moment there's an opening. You do this by hitting (using any techniques), scratching, biting, and screaming, while trying to escape.

Statistics show that when a victim attacks their attacker, they survive the attack without allowing the attacker to accomplish their evil agenda.

You can only defend yourself if your body is physically able to do it

Did you know that a physically fit person has a better chance at defending themselves than a sedentary person does?

This is because the physically fit person:

  • Has better coordination and reaction time than a sedentary person, making it easier to block and strike.

  • Has a stronger, muscularized body, which can endure trauma and recover faster than a soft body.

  • Has better cardiorespiratory endurance which will allow them to continue fighting off an attacker, or running away.

  • Has mental toughness, which is caused by intense physical training. This is crucial to have during the high stress situation of fighting.

Tactical problems with being out of shape

A weaker (or smaller) person is at a physical disadvantage due to the attackers size, strength, height, and (maybe) reach. They may also weigh more than you do, making them even more difficult to fight off.

Additionally, in today’s society any bad guy can pick up fighting techniques from watching combat sports on television, or the internet. Physically training your body to defend against these quasi-fighters may give you the edge over them.

Physical training is your only way to offset those disadvantages.

A physical training protocol like the one described in my book, The Short Fight, is so critical that if you performed that physical training, and only used your base instincts, to fend off the attacker, you would see success.

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Until next time, Stay Safe!

Lawrence Castanon,

Author, The Short Fight

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