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Self Defense Tip: Don't Be A Big Shot

Nowadays, with the invention of social media, more and more people are showing off like they are either millionaires or just plain loaded with money. This is a problem because of that age old deadly sin known as ENVY. The more you show off, the more angry others get because of your success. I heard an accurate quote that illustrates this: "Everyone loves the winner, but are secretly hoping for their demise."

So how does this relate to self defense?

I decided to write about this topic after watching a documentary about a boastful self-made millionaire who was tortured for a couple of weeks until he signed over all his money and belongings to the assailants. They then attempted to kill him but he miraculously survived.

The documentary reminded me of an acquaintance I knew in New York. He was not a millionaire, but sure acted like one. He was always showing off, throwing money around, and bragging about how rich he was. Eventually a couple of bad guys followed him home, then robbed and killed him.

Do you know what the scariest part about these two heinous crimes are?

Both of these victims knew the criminals! In the documentary, the victim hired the guy to do work for him. In the other story, the murderer was his friend (some friend huh). What's more disturbing, is that when these criminals were caught and interviewed by police, they showed no remorse, and a complete disdain for their victims. They acted like the victims deserved it for being braggarts about their riches.

Now I know it's hard, especially with the competitiveness in social media of everyone showing off, and acting like they have the perfect life. But PLEASE stop posting and bragging about your financial success. You are painting a big target on you and your families back!

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Until next time, Stay Safe!

Lawrence Castanon

Author, The Short Fight


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