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Self Defense Tip: Don't Buy Into This Lie

Recently I saw another advertisement about a "secret method" that you can use to beat any assailant of any size, without the need of using any strength. These snake oil salesmen then go on to try and sell you their program. This type of irresponsible advertising angers me immensely because it can get you hurt or killed in the street.

Having some amount of strength/power is crucial when fighting off any assailant, especially a bigger or stronger one. Think about it, all the technique in the world will not help you if it is not strong enough to stop the other person. For example, a small child cannot perform many martial arts techniques effectively on an uncooperative grown adult because they need to be stronger and or more powerful, well the same holds true for you.

Every physical technique requires some amount of strength, force, speed and/or power to perform. This is not debatable, its physics. Furthermore, the mere act of moving your muscles require the use of force and strength. Move them faster and now you've introduced some speed-power.

You can prove this easily by testing it out. Try the "secret technique" on an unwilling partner without using ANY strength, force, or speed. You will see the technique fails miserably. Just like you can't use your mind, or your "chi" to incapacitate an assailant, you cannot perform a physical technique without using some amount of strength, force, and/or speed.

Further evidence is shown in combat sports, where the combatants are divided by weight class. This is because it is harder to beat someone who is naturally bigger, and stronger. Interestingly, even though these combat athletes fight in their own weight classes, they still use weight/resistance training to get STRONGER.

This is why in the first part of my book, The Short Fight I included a complete physical training program including functional-bodyweight exercises, maximal strength weight-bearing exercises, and explosive-power training exercises, BEFORE I show the self-defense techniques. Now you don't have to get as big or as strong as the assailant, but you do have to become the strongest you can be. Self-defense and fighting techniques work best when you build a foundation of strength/power beforehand.

Finally, while it may seem alluring to learn techniques that requires no strength whatsoever, it is a BIG LIE. Whenever you see these fake advertisements make these sensational claims, know that the advertiser literally has no regard for your safety or well being, and just wants to take your money.

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Until next time, Stay Safe!

Lawrence Castanon

Author, The Short Fight


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