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Self Defense Tip: This Health Tip Can Save Your Life

If you have been training for any period of time, you know that your health is crucial to being a successful self-defense practitioner, or combat athlete. I wanted to share this intel with you because one of my former clients was rushed to the hospital as a result of taking an “herbal supplement” that he thought would help with weight loss.

Please do your research before taking any pills, supplements or potions (aka snake oil). Reading the description on the bottle, or website is not research (it’s advertising). Additionally, reading the “stories” on blogs and websites is not research, because they are not always true.

How to research a product:
  1. Research studies that were performed on the product you are thinking of using. Look for randomized control trials, as they are the most accurate type of study there is. A great place to find these are the Google Scholar search.

  2. Then, research who performed the study. For example, if Coca Cola does a study stating that soda is good for your health, you can tell it’s not a legitimate study because they have a vested interest in promoting soda.

  3. Third, beware when you read phrases like, “Science says”, or “Studies show”, or “Research shows”. Ask to see the science, studies, or research. You’d be surprised what passes for “science” nowadays (folks will send you to blogs, or websites filled with stories and advertising, but NO STUDIES).

  4. Finally, don’t believe that because a product is natural or herbal, it is healthy for you. There’s a reason why most diet pills/potions, and supplements are not FDA approved. If you do not research them, you may get sick or injured from them; best case scenario, you’ll just waste your money.

If you need any help figuring out if a supplement is good for you, contact me, I'm here to help.

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Lawrence Castanon,

Author, The Short Fight

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