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Self Defense Tip: What Are You Training For?

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

What Are You Training For?

Recently, I watched a street fight where one guy sat on the ground and motioned for the other guy to come towards him. The guy who was standing looked confused, then jumped on the grounded guys head and proceeded to stomp and kick him until he knocked him out.

Sitting on the ground to start a fight sounds ridiculous doesn't it? But do you know that certain martial arts practice fighting that way? The problem is that, what you do in practice is what you'll do in a real fight.

This guy believed that the method he practiced would help him, but in fact, it didn't. All the belief in the world can't help you if you are not training for a real fight!

A real fight can include punches, elbows, and other hand strikes, kicks, knees, takedowns, throws, submissions, groin shots, eye pokes, hair pulling, or even biting. You have to prepare yourself for all of these types of attacks. Ignoring some of them can get you hurt, or even killed in the street.

So what to do?


You need to practice the above mentioned techniques and tactics: Learn how to punch, elbow, kick, knee, take someone down, submit them (etc.). Practice the techniques in the air, on heavy bags/dummies, and then with a partner. (for safety reasons, eye gouging and biting are best practiced only on a heavy bag/dummy).


Practice defending against punches, elbows, kicks, knees, takedowns, submissions (etc.,) by having your partner(s) try the techniques on you in a slow-controlled manner (gradually increasing to full speed).


Practice slow sparring and grappling with a partner. This is incredibly helpful in teaching you how to to put together your strikes, takedowns, and submissions together. You want to gradually increase the tempo until you are sparring and grappling at full speed.


Practice mock street fighting with your partner(s):

  • All fights start with striking on the feet, so start there (punching, kicking, etc.).

  • Many fights end up on the ground, so flow into that (takedowns/throws, submissions, ground striking).

  • Practice flowing from stand up striking to ground fighting, then back up to standing striking, and back down to ground fighting (just like a real fight could have). This drill will make you relentless, and give you unlimited cardio-respiratory, and muscular endurance.

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