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Solo Fighting Drills (training video included)

One of the reasons folks don't train in self-defense is because they don't have someone to train with. While having a partner is ideal, you can still make yourself into a formidable self-defense opponent by drilling the techniques in this video.

Practice these solo drills on heavy bags and/or dummies (you can even practice them in the air, but eventually you need to hit something), when you don't have a partner to work with. If you are unfamiliar with a techniques in the video, contact me here, and I will send you an instructional video of it.

The Routine:

There are six drills to be performed for one-minute each. If you cannot complete one minute, start with 30 seconds per drill. As you advance you can increase the time of the drills to 1.5 minutes and

2 minutes respectively.

Note: I recommend beginners use gloves and/or foot protection when hitting bags/dummies.

The drills are:

  • Boxing

  • Kneeing/Kicking

  • Throwing

  • Wrestling Shots

  • Sprawls and Circling

  • Ground and Pound

The Protocol:

Follow along with the video to complete all the drills one time. Then rest and repeat the drills as per the protocol below:

  • On the Endurance days, perform all six drills in a row for one minute each with no rest in between drills. Rest 1-2 minutes after completing the circuit. Repeat for 3-5 circuits.

  • On the Explosive power days, perform each drill for one minute, and then rest for one minute. Once you've completed all six drills rest 1-2 minutes. Repeat for 2-4 circuits.

For best results, alternate between Endurance training days, and Explosive power training days. Doing it this way will increase your endurance and power, which are crucial to have in a fight.

Solo Fighting Drills:

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Lawrence Castanon,

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