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Stop The Assailant From Taking You Down (instructional video included)

Often times an assailant may try to take you down in the street, doing this gives them complete control and dominance over you. It is a lot harder to try and get back up when someone on top of you, then it is to stop the takedown. The front headlock is an excellent clinch to use in the event the assailant tries to take you down by attacking your legs (i.e. a wrestler's shot).

How to perform the front headlock if the assailant leans down to grab your legs (i.e. wrestlers shot):

  1. Collar grab the back of his neck as you simultaneously jump both your feet back and apart.

  2. Lower your hips a bit (sprawl), leaning into him to create resistance against their forward momentum.

  3. Pull their head under your armpit.

  4. Wrap your forearm (of the same arm) around his throat, and make a fist with that hand.

  5. Have your free hand grab your fist at the wrist (or wrist) and squeeze to control him.

  6. Continue leaning down on the assailant as you keep your legs back and away from their reach.

Strikes from this clinch include:

  • Quickly deliver knees repeatedly to the assailant’s head. (Be careful not to let them grab your leg).

  • Tighten the squeeze hard around the assailants neck, and elevate your hand that's controlling your wrist a bit. This will create a choke (i.e. standing guillotine choke), and will render the assailant unconscious in approximately 15 - 30 seconds.

  • Deliver downward elbow strikes the assailant’s spine by releasing your hand that is holding your wrist (keep your other hand wrapped around their throat.

Below is a short video of how to perform the front headlock with knee strikes.

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Until next time, Stay Safe!

Lawrence Castanon

Author, The Short Fight


Front Headlock to Stop the Takedown

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