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Strikes using the One-arm Collar Grab (2 instructional videos included)

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

The one-arm collar grab/clinch is a favorite among many Muay Thai Kickboxers, MMA fighters, and Krav Maga practitioners because it's simple to use and is brutally effective. This lesson shows an offensive version where you initiate the one-arm collar grab/clinch to striking. The next blog will teach you a defensive version.

How to perform the one-arm collar grab/clinch:
  1. Facing your partner, wrap your hand (thumb and four fingers together) around his neck so your wrist is at the back of his neck.

  2. Squeeze tightly while pulling him downward. Do Not stand upright or lean backwards to get this clinch.

  3. Strikes from this clinch include: Delivering knees to the groin, solar plexus, or head if they’re bent down, delivering horizontal or vertical elbows to opponents’ torso, and/or face/head, and delivering finger techniques like scratching, gouging, tearing, grabbing the assailant's face and throat. You can also bite the assailant anywhere you can reach when in this clinch. 

  4. Drill: Practice moving your partner around in this clinch while delivering the strikes listed. Practice both attacking while doing the clinching, and attacking when being clinched by your partner. 

Below are two short instructional videos of how to perform, and how to strike, using the one arm collar grab.

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Until next time, Stay Safe!

Lawrence Castanon

Author, The Short Fight


One-arm Collar Grab

One-arm Collar Grab to Knee Strike

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