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T'is The Season To Gain Weight (eating tips)

Holiday weight gain is a worldwide phenomenon, and has been studied for years. Whether it's the social habits of having more treats for ourselves, family, and co-workers, or our biological cravings to eat more high fat foods during the colder season, it's a real issue.

The problem is that this weight gain doesn't always come off after the holidays, as a matter of fact Harvard Medical studies showed that folks weights were 0.5% higher after the Christmas holidays and could be another 0.3% - 0.5% higher from the other holidays combined (Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years, etc.). That is up to 1% of weight gain. While that number may not sound like much, consider this example: If you weighed 175 lbs. before the holidays and gained 1% in weight afterwards, that is a 1.75 lbs. increase in weight.

Still doesn't sound like a lot?

Because the weight gain seems so small, most people don't notice it. As a result, they gain this weight year in and year out. So 10 years later you are over 17 lbs. fatter than you were before, and 20 years later, its a whopping 35 lbs. of fat!

Add to that the occasional weight gained throughout the rest of the year from overeating, or a slowing metabolism as we age, and that weight gain can be much higher! The insidiousness of this unnoticeable slow weight gain (1% per year) is what's making folks fat, sick, and leading to early death.

So what to do?

If you've found yourself gaining weight the last few years, and don't know where its coming from, try these tips that I use myself to keep the weight off during the holidays:

  • Start a diet. While this won't make you popular during parties, it will help you to try and modify what you are eating, as opposed to the usual holiday eating-free-for-all.

  • Eat fruits, and vegetables first, then eat lean meats, and fish. Eating this way will fill you up with healthful foods and make you fuller faster, leaving little room for the processed carbs, and desserts (which quickly convert to fat).

  • Exercise everyday: If you don't already exercise, start walking a minimal of 20 minutes a day. This will give a small bump to your metabolic rate (the rate at which you burn calories).

  • Always bring your own foods: Whether its an office party or a dinner party bring your own healthful snacks, or a healthy platter of food, (you'll be surprised when you see others electing for your healthier stuff).

  • Drink lots of water before, and after eating, especially if you feel more hungry after a meal. Doing so will get rid of fake hunger pangs.

  • There are many other strategies you can use to help keep the weight off. If you want help making a plan so you don't gain weight these holidays, contact me

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