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The Low Side Kick to the Knee (instructional video)

This powerful self-defense move can quickly incapacitate any attacker, regardless of your fitness level or coordination skills. The low side kick to the knee is a simple yet highly effective technique that allows you to immobilize an assailant, providing you with an opportunity to escape unharmed.

Key Advantages of the Low Side Kick:

  • Usable for Everyone: This technique is easy to learn and can be executed by anyone, regardless of their physical abilities.

  • Maintain Distance: Perform the kick while keeping a safe distance from your assailant, avoiding their punches or grabs effectively.

  • Target Vulnerable Areas: Exploit the knee’s vulnerability by targeting its ligaments. A well-placed kick can result in hyperextension or ligament tearing, rendering the attacker incapable of pursuing you.

How to Execute the Low Side Kick to the Knee:

  1. Stand sideways to your opponent, your knees slightly bent, and your head and torso turned in their direction.

  2. Keep your hands slightly above and in front of your head (guard), protecting your face without obstructing your vision. Clench your fists for added stability.

  3. Flex your foot as you raise your knee upward and slightly back toward your midline. Angle your foot diagonally toward the ground for optimal impact.

  4. Execute the Kick: Drive diagonally downward, making forceful contact with the front or side of the assailant’s knee. Ensure that you follow through, driving through their knee upon impact.

Important Tips:

  • Maintain Balance: Avoid leaning back during the kick to prevent loss of balance.

  • Stability: Keep the foot of your base leg firmly planted on the ground to maintain stability and avoid imbalance.

Watch this instructional video to master the proper technique of the low side kick to the knee. If you have any questions or would like a training session to master the details, reach out to me.

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Lawrence Castanon,

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