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The Short Fight Is One Years Old! (gift for you)

The short fight book and website is one years old this week. We have helped almost 10,000 people worldwide. In addition to being sold throughout the US, it is also being sold in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Germany, France, Monaco, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, India, Australia, and New Zealand.

Additionally, folks from all over the world have joined our memberships, and are benefitting from the training. I am grateful to be able to help so many people worldwide.

To show my appreciation for your support, here is my free gift for you:

  1. I will create a personally designed self defense and fitness routine, based on your specific wants and needs.

  2. You'll get two live-online training sessions with me, to help you with your self-defense and fitness journey (train at a convenient time for you).

  3. You can invite your friends and family join us for your two live-online training sessions (studies show that people who train with a partner tend to stick with it longer).

Please note, there are no strings attached to this gift. You will not be asked to sign up for anything, or pay for anything ever. This is a gift for you to show my appreciation.

To take advantage of this gift just reply in the comments section below, or private message me at

Thank you again for your support this past year. I look forward to training with you!


Lawrence Castanon

Author, The Short Fight

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