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This Simple kick can stop an attacker quickly. (instructional video included)

This simple kick can stop an attacker quickly. It does not require a lot of coordination, and can be performed by anyone regardless of their level of fitness. Performed at full force it will leave an attacker temporarily immobilized, allowing you to escape quickly.

This simple technique is the low side-kick to the knee.

A few great features of the kick is that you can deliver it while staying away from the assailants punching, or grabbing attempts. Additionally, performing this kick does not require you to be particularly strong, due to the vulnerability of the ligaments in the knee that it is attacking. A well placed kick to the front or side of their knee can result in hyperextension, or tearing of the assailants ligaments, leaving him unable to run, or even walk, allowing you to run away.

The low side kick is easiest performed if you are standing sideways to your opponent. For maximum damage, use the heel of your foot to make contact with the front or side of the assailant’s knee.

How to perform the low side kick to the knee:

  1. Start in a side stance, sideways to the assailant (target) with your knees slightly bent, and your head and torso turned in that direction.

  2. Hold your hands slightly above and in front of your head (protecting your face without blocking your vision) and clench your fists.

  3. Flex your foot as you raise your knee up and slightly back towards your midline. Your foot should be angled diagonally to the ground.

  4. Drive diagonally downward making contact with the front (or side) of the assailant’s knee. Drive through their knee upon making contact with it.

*Do Not lean back when kicking (loss of balance).

*Do Not raise the foot of your base leg off the ground (causes loss of balance).

Below is a quick instructional video of how to perform the low side kick to the knee.

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Until next time, Stay Safe!

Lawrence Castanon

Author, The Short Fight


The Low Side Kick

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