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Three Simple Fitness Tips

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Below are three quick tips to help you in your health and fitness journey. If you'd like more, consider signing up for my free health and fitness blog at

  1. Break a Sweat - your exercise routine should be challenging enough to cause you to begin to sweat. Your workout doesn't have to be long, but it should be intense.

  2. At least 80% of your exercises should be compound movements (multi-joint). If not you are missing out on a lot of benefits like maximizing blood flow, hormone production and a higher metabolism.

  3. Eat like a caveman - lots of fruits and vegetables with small amounts of lean meats. If you're still hungry after that then go ahead and have the starchy foods (breads, pastas etc.) I guarantee you won't eat as much because your body will have receive its necessary nutrients from the fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.

Want To Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life? We offer a variety of fitness programs to meet your needs, including:

  • Weight Loss Programs.

  • Sport Specific Programs (including self-defense).

  • Longevity Fitness Programs.

  • Sports Medicine Therapy and Post-rehab Programs.

  • Dietician Approved Meal Plans.

You get personally designed video workouts that you can access anytime, anywhere. ​You can also choose live-online training where you get to work with a coach at a convenient time. Save money with our online personal training programs, which includes optional live-online training with a coach, at no additional charge. One price includes it all! Additionally, if you live in the metro Atlanta, GA area, you can train in-person at our studio, or we will come to your home. Here's everything you get in our fitness program:​

  • Personally designed workouts you can access anytime, from anywhere!

  • Live-online personal training option!

  • Video tutorials to aid you in performing the exercise correctly!

  • Real-time responses and changes to your workout!

  • Full access from any of your smart devices and computers!

  • Certified Nutrition approved meal plans!

  • Ongoing monitoring of weight, body fat composition, BMI etc.!

  • Unlimited email support with your coach!

​With over 30 years of experience in training folks, we have the experience you need to get you in the best shape of your life.

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