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Using The Uppercut Punch To Defend Yourself In Close (2 videos)

When an assailant is in close, it limits the strikes you have to defend yourself. Uppercut punches are a crucial weapon to use when fighting in close.

The best areas to strike with the uppercut punch are the solar plexus, liver, kidneys, lower abdominal region (below the belt), and the groin/testicles. You can also punch the chin, nose, or face if they lower their head, but be careful not to hit the assailants forehead (may injure your hand).

Note: Do not bend your wrist when throwing the uppercut punch or you may sprain or break your wrist (the last thing you want is to injure your hand in the fight).

How to throw an uppercut punch:

  1. Start with your feet shoulder width apart in a neutral stance, or fighting stance (if standing in fighting stance, use your rear hand to perform the punch).

  2. Hold your hands slightly above and in front of your head protecting your face without blocking your vision, and clench your fists.

  3. Turn your hip in one direction and raise the heel of that hip up and outward, while simultaneously dropping that side’s punching hand to your hip height, (palm of the closed fist is facing you).

  4. Then, rotate your waist towards the assailant’s body as you twist your fist inward, punching vertically outward, into the assailant’s torso or groin or chin.

  5. Start off slowly and break it down into steps, eventually performing this punch in a fluid manner. Slow is smooth and smooth becomes fast.

  6. Repeat and practice with your other fist.

  7. Caution! Do Not bend your wrist when punching; turn your arm and hip more instead.

Below are two quick videos of how to perform the uppercut punch. As always if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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Lawrence Castanon,

Author, The Short Fight

The Uppercut Punch

The Uppercut Punch (more details)

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