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What Is The Best Diet For ME? (tips)

There are all sorts of diets with studies showing their benefits. The Paleo diet, Vegan diet, Keto diet, Whole Food Plant Based diet, and Mediterranean diet (to name a few), all show weight loss benefits when used correctly.

So, which one will help me lose weight?

Well the answer is… all of them. You see, the reason why so many of these diets help folks lose weight and get healthier overall, is because they promote clean eating. The reduction or complete elimination of processed foods. This is why the Standard American Diet (SAD), doesn’t work. Eating boxed, canned, heavily processed foods, (including commercial restaurant food), will not only hinder your weight loss efforts but they have also been linked to various diseases.

For example, take any of the above-mentioned diets and replace all the clean foods with pre-packaged, heavily processed foods and you will see that the diet doesn’t work, or worse yet, have unintended side effects.

In light of that, your goal should be to eat clean, whole foods. If you can eat organic and non-GMO, that’s even better. Additionally, the animals you eat should be free range, grass fed, and/or wild caught. If you switch to eating clean whole foods, not only would you lose weight, but you would feel healthier overall. Great news, right?

What if I'm eating clean but still haven’t reached my weight loss goals?

Then ask yourself which diet can you best tolerate? This is a serious issue, if you have food allergies (like I do), you know the struggle is real. I remember one particular diet I was on, it was awful! The foods were all natural but I had all kinds of side effects, was bloated, and even gained weight! So, I researched if foods that we’re not used to eating has an effect on weight loss, and I found out about the connection with eating, heredity, and our genes. Turns out one of the reasons why many people cannot lose weight successfully, or maintain long term weight loss, is because they are eating in a matter that is not conducive to their genes. (So, you see, all those failed diets weren’t even our faults! )

A relatively new scientific discipline, nutrigenomics focuses on the relationship between genes, nutrition and health. It seeks to explain how our bodies respond to what we eat and drink — and how we can use that knowledge to promote activity in our “good” genes and suppress it in “bad” genes. Diet plans based on nutrigenomics rely on an analysis of your genetic makeup to inform dietary recommendations that meet your personal nutritional and health needs and help prevent nutrition-related chronic diseases.

There’s some cutting-edge research being done right now in nutrigenomics and it shows that not every diet works best for every person. Eating foods closer to what your ancestors ate not only helps you lose weight, but keeps it off, and makes you generally healthier. The future of successful dieting is going to be based on your genes. Doctors are going to take a blood sample, run some tests and give you the best diet based on your genotype.

Nutrigenomics testing is not available to everyone yet, but here’s a hack I developed for myself and my weight loss clients. I looked back at my roots and made a list of all the foods my ancestors ate, and then plugged them into the diet I wanted to use, and success! A diet of foods I really love, and can eat forever; and the best part? If I cheat occasionally, it doesn’t wreck my weight loss efforts.

Try it out! You’ll be happy you did, and if all of this sounds too daunting, contact me, I’m here to help.

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