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Why Did I Do It?

Sometimes I get the question, "why did you do it?" or "why do you do that"?

Giving or doing things for free are often looked upon with skepticism, and worse yet, as invaluable.

For example:

  • I offer a free personalized training session for folks as a way to introduce them into the health, fitness, and safety, lifestyle.

  • Another example is my book, “The Short Fight” which is on sale in Amazon There I offer a free digital option for folks. Additionally, Amazon lets me offer a free book give-away every three months, which I offer to everyone.

  • Finally, anyone can go to my website, and sign up for my Free Blog, which gives them access to all my self-defense and fitness lessons, recipes and more.

While some folks are awesome, and leave me positive reviews and thank me for this invaluable information, other folks just take the info and disappear, and that’s fine as there are no strings attached.

So why did I do it (and still do)?

When I was a kid, I got bullied and beat up a lot. A police officer who lived in my neighborhood invited me to take a martial arts class that he taught at a community center. It was weird because they were all adults and I was the only kid, but I immediately fell in love with it, and trained almost daily.

Master John, never charged me for those classes, never even brought it up (maybe because he knew I couldn’t afford it). Additionally, when he and the others would go out to eat after class, he would invite me, and pay for it. Once again, never asking me for a dime. Master John was a great human being.

As a result of his generosity, I always felt the need to help others regardless of their financial circumstances, hence all of this free stuff. It’s called “paying it forward”, and since that time over 40 years ago, I have given so many people the opportunity to train regardless of their financial circumstances.

Hey, if you know someone who would like to learn how to defend themselves, or get into great shape, could you send them these free resources?

Let’s pay it forward together!

Thank you!

Lawrence Castanon

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