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Will Smith slaps Chris Rock

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

By now you've probably seen or read about actor Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars which aired to over 15 million people. This was due to a joke Chris made about Jada (Will's wife) having a bald head. Apparently the comedian didn't know she suffered alopecia, a disease which causes your hair to fall out.

Will Smith got up onstage and slapped Chris with such force that it was heard throughout the Dolby theatre. The older, smaller, Chris Rock just stood there with his arms behind this back, and did not try to defend it. Will then sat back down and yelled and cursed at Chris to leave his wife's name out of his mouth (see video below of it).

When I first saw the video, my initial response was, "Good for Will, defending his wife's honor!" But, after my animal instincts went away, I remembered that this was an assault classified as battery. You cannot go around hitting people because they say mean or hurtful things. Luckily, that slap didn't cause a serious injury.

Additionally, the Oscars hire a comedian every year to "roast" the actors and actresses. You have to laugh it off like so many others did when they've been roasted. At most, Will could've just yelled "keep my wife name out your (expletive) mouth", like he did, without physically assaulting the comedian." That would've sufficed to keep his wife's honor in tact. Instead the Oscars was marred by Will's actions, including the first Oscar award he ever received.

So let's see who benefited from Will's actions:

Not Will, now he's apologizing to everyone, and hoping that charges aren't pressed (the DA can still do so even though Chris chose not to press any).

There's also talk of a lawsuit being filed (which Chris is in his right to file).

Will is also hoping the Oscars don't ban him for ruining their event.

Will's persona as one of the good guys, is tarnished (my family and I loved Will Smith, but now feel differently about him).

Finally, how many "A" movie producers, directors, actors are going to want to work with a “violence-prone” Will Smith in the future?

Jada didn't benefit from Will's actions: While she probably felt good at first (as we all did), she is now going to have to deal with the fallout, including excusing his actions, which could have unintended consequences for her career.

Chris Rock certainly didn't benefit from Will's actions: He was physically assaulted, and publicly humiliated in front of millions of people worldwide, and hundreds of colleagues at the Oscars. That embarrassment could be detrimental to his career. (By the way, Kudos to Chris Rock for keeping it professional throughout that whole debacle. The Oscars should give him an award!)

All the other actors and actresses in attendance didn't benefit, they were visibly shocked at what was happening. Also, all the fans of Will Smith, and Chris Rock did not benefit from Will's actions.

If you think what Will Smith did was cool, imagine how you would feel if you were Chris Rock.

Video of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock:

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Lawrence Castanon

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