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Your 17th Boot Camp Workout Is Here!

Welcome to week seventeen of my Boot Camp series of workouts designed to get you even stronger and more fit. Remember to work at your own pace, these workouts require that you have a strong fitness foundation. If you are new to working out please see my previous blogs to get my 12 week basic functional body-weight training program.

This week's workout is called the "Partner Circuit" because after your warm up you will be performing these exercises with a training partner. You will need 2-3 pieces of equipment for this workout: a medicine ball, exercise bands and/or a TRX (or other suspension training apparatus). Note the exercise and rest times. Advanced folks can perform two circuits of the partner drills before cooling down.

17th Boot Camp Routine: Bodyweight 200 Kickboxing

Warm-up (30 seconds per exercise) – 5 minutes

  • Run In Place.

  • Downward Dog Pushup.

  • Plank to Side Plank.

  • Elbow-to-Instep Lunge.

  • Break – 1 minute.

  • Repeat until 5 minutes are completed.

Strength Circuit (30 seconds per exercise) – 5 minutes

  • Close-Grip Pushup.

  • Reaching Lunge (30 seconds per side).

  • Break – 1 minute.

Body Weight 15– (one minute per exercise) - 15 minutes

  • Body Weights Squats.

  • Pushups (on knees ok).

  • Forward Lunges (25 per side).

  • Mountain Climbers (25 per side).

  • Rest as much as needed between exercises.

  • Break – 1 minute.

  • Repeat until 15 minutes are completed.

Kickboxing Drills: Perform each combination 50 times. Total = 200

  • Jab, Cross, Hook, Punches.

  • Alternating Knee Strikes.

  • Uppercut, Overhand Punches.

  • Alternating Low-Round Kicks.

Cooldown -10 minutes.

  • Various stretches.

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Until next time, Stay Safe!

Lawrence Castanon

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