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Your 18th Boot Camp Workout Is Here

Welcome to week eighteen of my Boot Camp series of workouts designed to get you even stronger and more fit. Remember to work at your own pace, these workouts require that you have a strong fitness foundation. If you are new to working out please see my previous blogs to get my 12 week basic functional body-weight training program.

This week's workout is called "Kickin' Your Butt" because that's exactly what its going to do :) and because it also has kickboxing routine with it.

This routine uses only your body-weight, so there's equipment for this one. If you want help with this workout let me know and I will schedule an online workout with you.

18th Boot Camp Routine: Kickin’ Your Butt

Warm-up (30 - 45 seconds per exercise) and Repeat:

  • One Leg Squats (30-45 sec each leg)

  • Diamond Pushups (on knees)

  • Fire Hydrant Circles (30 sec. forward and backward per leg)

  • Prone Plank (facing down, on forearms and toes) (60 sec.)

  • Seal Jump (like jumping jack but hand clap out in front of you)

  • Rest 1 minute, then Repeat one more time.

Strength Circuit (30-60 seconds per exercise) and Repeat:

  • Leg Kick Pushups (kick leg out to side when going down, alternate).

  • Dropping Side Lunge (fall out to one side for time then repeat to other side).

  • Warrior Sit-up (lay flat, arms & legs extended, sit up & bring knees to chest and grab your shins; return & repeat).

  • Knee to Opposite Elbow Pushup (draw knee in to opposite side elbow when going down, alternate).

  • Dropping Forward Lunge (fall out to front for time then repeat to other side).

  • Warrior Sit-up (yes, again).

  • Rest 1 minute, then Repeat one more time.

Kickboxing Drills (90-120 sec. each drill) and Repeat:

  • Slide up Round (Thai) Kick, Back Leg Round Kick, Repeat, the Jab and Cross.

  • Rear Kick (land back) Hook, Cross, Hook.

  • Shield Rear Kick then Cross, Hook, Cross Lead Kick.

  • 20 Punches and Sprawl (if time permits).

Have fun and let me know how you did, or if you have any questions.

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Until next time, Stay Safe!

Lawrence Castanon

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