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Your most Powerful Short Range Weapon (instructional video included)

This week we are covering the most powerful and durable weapon you have in your anatomical arsenal. This weapon is so simple that you have probably used it goofing around with friends. This weapon is the Knee Strike and it can be used to strike the assailants groin, ribs, body, or head/face.

When to use the knee strikes.

The knee strike is a short-range weapon that is best performed in the “clinch” range, the area where the assailant has grabbed you (or you grabbed him) but is too close to punch effectively. Here you can deliver powerful knees to the assailant’s groin. If he is bent forward, you can deliver knee strikes to his ribs, solar plexus, or head. Additionally, if you are both on the ground and you are on top in a perpendicular position to him, you can deliver powerful knees to his ribs and head.

How to knee strike:

  1. Begin in a fighting stance facing the assailant with your hands slightly above and in front of your head (protecting your face without blocking your vision).

  2. If you can reach their neck without being off balance, bring your hands around the back of their neck and clasp your hands together in a “gable grip" (your fingers together, clasp both palms together perpendicular to each other, then squeeze tight). Bringing your forearms together, tightening around their neck will cut off the carotid arteries blood supply to their brain.

  3. Pull them down and raise your rear leg’s knee up into their groin quickly (if they are leaned forward and you can reach, you can knee their solar plexus, ribs or head). Be sure to pull them down so you are not leaning back much.

  4. The power comes from you pulling them down towards you, so pull hard and fast. If the assailant is too tall for you to reach around their neck, grab the shoulders, and pull them down to knee them.

  5. Another technique would be to grab around their waist and pull hard while delivering your rear leg knee to their groin.

  6. Caution: Do Not lean too far back when delivering the knee strikes; you don’t want them falling on top of you and taking you to the ground. The knee strike should only be performed when you are in close range or clinched with the opponent. Attempting to knee an assailant out of range will force you to lean back, which can get you knocked down.

  7. How to knee strike a grounded assailant: If the assailant goes to the ground while you are knee striking, you can continue the action by laying perpendicular on top of them and knee striking the assailants side of head body. Be sure to lay on top of them "heart to heart" so your weight stays balanced and heavy on them.

Below is a quick tutorial of how to perform the technique.

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Until next time, Stay Safe!

Lawrence Castanon

Author, The Short Fight


The knee strike from standing or grounded position

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