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Quick Fight Specific High Intensity Interval Training Workouts

Welcome to our quick HIIT workouts. These short (between 10 -15 minutes) workouts are designed to help build up your power and cardiovascular endurance in the shortest amount of time. The following workouts should be performed in order from 1-12, as they build upon the previous workouts. 

Tips for success:

  • Train in the same HIIT workout as long as needed until your body adapts to the workout (approximately 2-4 weeks), then progress to the next workout.

  • Attempt 2-3 workouts per week resting in between days (i.e., Monday workout, Tuesday rest, Wednesday workout Thursday rest, etc.)

  • Studies show folks who workout first thing upon waking up are more consistent with long term training. Working out first thing in the morning, before eating, also burns up to three times more fat than any other time of the day.             If you can, schedule your workout for first thing in the morning (or upon waking). If you cannot, make sure you schedule your workout for the best time of the day that you will not have interruptions.

HIIT Workout #1

HIIT Workout #2

HIIT Workout #3

HIIT Workout #4

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