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Have you ever been attacked by a bigger person? 
Have you ever been assaulted by a stronger person?
Self-defense training in Not a one size fits all approach!
Tactics designed for bigger persons do not work for smaller, weaker folks.
Physiology matters! 

In this book  you will learn: 
  • The most efficient strikes specifically geared for the smaller person. 
  • Crucial blocks and defenses to help you avoid getting hit. 
  • The most effective clinching tactics to stop the assailant from hitting you.
  • Critical techniques and tactics to use to avoid getting grabbed by a strong assailant.
  • A complete fitness training program to help you achieve maximum power, speed, and flexibility, to give you the advantage in a fight.

Additionally, purchasers of this book get free access to my website’s video library. There I demonstrate and teach you all the techniques, tactics, and training methods described in this book, and more!

Hurry and purchase this book now so you and your family can stay protected with this essential self-defense training program, because you can never be too safe!
My Story


Why write this book?

"I wanted this information out there for anybody who has ever been assaulted, or victimized by a bigger, or stronger person. If you’ve ever “cowered in the corner,” be it physically or emotionally, I want you to have the confidence, and the ability, to stand up to bigger and stronger persons, whether it’s on the street or in the office." 

-Lawrence Castanon

Lawrence "Larry" Castanon has been training for over 40 years and teaching for 30 years.

He holds a 5th degree Black Belt in Karate and achieved the title of Shihan. He also holds a 2nd degree Black Belt in Close Combat Martial Arts, is a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Self Defense Instructor, a Krav Maga Self Defense Instructor, a certified USA Wrestling Coach, and a SafeSport certified Coach.

Additionally, he holds a degree in Biology from the State University of New York, and is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

After competing for years in Karate, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and no holds barred competition, he opened and operated full time martial arts studios in New York, and Atlanta, Georgia.

Shihan Larry continues to teach lessons, workshops, and seminars (both in-person and online), with a particular focus in self-defense designed specifically for smaller, weaker individuals.


This book is designed to help you learn basic, essential self-defense techniques, and to physically prepare you to defend yourself successfully.

Begin Your Journey Now!

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