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Explosive Power And How To Get Some (exercise video included)

What is explosive power?

Explosive power is defined as physical strength and force exerted quickly. The culmination of the strength, force, and speed creates power. There is a physics equation that proves this, "P=FV", or roughly translated as "Power equals Force times Speed."

If you've competed or watched combat sports, you know this to be true. The fighter who punches, kicks or grapples powerfully ends up punishing their opponent, and usually winning the match.

This method of training is called "explosive power reactive-plyometric training" (variations of this term exist also). It is so important that it is the holy grail of training methods in other sports as well.

Types of exercises and training:

Explosive power reactive-plyometric training exercises include both body-weight, and weighted versions. Examples of body-weight exercises are tuck jumps, and handclap push-ups. Examples of weighted exercises include barbell power cleans, and medicine ball slams.

These exercise can be performed as stand alone exercises, or in a superset with a strength exercise (as shown in the video below). Either way you choose to perform them, it is important that you do a longer than usual warm up (15+ minutes) before attempting, so as not to strain or tear any muscles, ligaments, or tendons.

Due to the intensity of these exercises, they should not be performed more that twice a week with 2-3 rest days in between, and they are NOT recommended for beginners.

Exercise of the week:

This weeks explosive power reactive-plyometric superset exercise is the Barbell Back Squats to Tuck Jumps:

  1. Perform a standard barbell back squat for 10 repetitions at about 50% of your one-rep max.

  2. Then without rest, perform 10 tuck jumps explosively.

  3. Rest 3-5 minutes, then perform again for a total of 3-6 supersets.

NOTE: Explosive power reactive-plyometric training exercises are deceiving because they do not tax your body like other exercises do. DO NOT do more than the prescribed sets and reps, and be sure to take the prescribed rest times, otherwise injury will occur.

Below is an instructional video of how to perform this exercise.

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Until next time, Stay Safe!

Lawrence Castanon

Barbell Back Squats to Tuck Jumps

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