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Hook Punches From Lying On Your Back (instructional video included)

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

One of the worse positions to be in when defending yourself, is on your back with a bigger, heavier and/or stronger person above you. The assailant can hit you with various strikes using all of their momentum/power. Additionally, if you try to hold on to them, they can smash you into the ground (concrete/pavement etc.) repeatedly.

When taken to the ground, your goal should always be to get back up to your feet, so you can either run away or fight from the standing position. The quicker you're able to "pop back up" the better your chances of surviving the attack. The easiest way to do this is to overwhelm the assailant by striking them repeatedly, until you can escape from underneath him/her and get back to your feet.

One technique that works when lying on your back are hook punches.

How to perform hook punches from lying on your back with an assailant above you:

  1. Lie on your back with your feet up off the floor (knees up).

  2. Your legs (sides of shins/calves) should be partially wrapped around the assailant’s waist hugging their sides (the open-guard). You can control the assailant’s movement by pulling them in towards you, and pushing them away from you with your legs in this "open guard" position.

  3. Roll up partially to your side, like a side crunch, and deliver hook punches to the assailant’s neck or face.

  4. Return back down, then repeat rolling up onto either side to continue punching the assailant.

  5. Use a side crunching motion to increase your momentum/power when striking.

  6. If you have a partner, practice pulling them in closer (with your legs) and striking them. Then practice kicking or pushing them away, and getting up off the ground.

  7. In the event the assailant is mounted on you (their knees/legs are around your torso), hook punch them repeatedly with both fists, rolling up best you can. Additionally, buck your hips up until you can create enough space to get into the open guard, or to escape back onto your feet.

Below is a quick video tutorial of how to perform this technique.

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Until next time, Stay Safe!

Lawrence Castanon

Hook punches from lying on your back with an assailant above you:

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