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Inspiring Lives Through Martial Arts & Fitness Scholarships

When I was a child, my first martial arts teacher recognized my need for training (I was getting bullied a lot), yet I couldn't afford the cost. Instead of paying, he had me contribute by cleaning the school and doing other tasks. This experience of giving back stayed with me.

While I wanted to provide training for free when I began teaching, the reality of business expenses set in. Still, my commitment to helping those who can't afford training led to the creation of the Project Sparrow Scholarship Program.

The Project Sparrow Scholarship initiative offers two programs:

  1. The first program provides free martial arts and fitness training for one child or adult each year who can't afford it. They receive the same high-quality training as paying clients, but with no fees.

  2. The second program offers a sliding scale for individuals or families who can contribute something but can't afford the full price.

This initiative allows me to give back to the community and support those in need.

If you know someone who could benefit from martial arts or fitness training but can't afford it, please share this message with them and encourage them to reach out to me here or at

Thank you for helping me help others.


Shihan Larry Castanon


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