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The story of two teachers

Once upon a time there were two amazing martial arts teachers. They had dedicated their lives to their craft. Decades of training, competing, coaching, and teaching. They excelled as instructors, and all of their students and clients loved them.

As with all businesses, these two instructors needed clients (students) to pay the bills. (It actually costs thousands of dollars per month to keep a school's doors open).

Both instructors asked their students to refer friends and family to join their schools, not because they were greedy, but because they wanted to stay in business so they could help their students achieve all of the benefits that martial arts training has to offer.

The students of one of the schools referred all their friends and families. They said, " we love this instructor and want him to stay in business". They understood that by helping their school to grow everyone would benefit.

The students of the other school did not refer anyone. They said, "we love this instructor and don't want to share him with any more students." They felt that by keeping it a secret about the amazing instructor to themselves, they would get the best experience.

So what do you think happened to these two instructors?

Well, the first instructor's school flourished (the one whose students referred all their friends and family). The members and their kids always had a safe place to go, and were surrounded by positive peers. They all got into great shape, they/their kids became black belts, and some of them went on to become instructors. Additionally, new equipment was brought in regularly to help teach the students, and new programs were developed to make the students experience top notch.

The other instructor's school closed (the one who's students did not refer anyone). You see, the ongoing rising costs of doing business (rent, utilities, taxes equipment, etc.) continued to mount. As some students stopped training, (some moved away, others had job changes etc.) there were no new students to offset the financial loss. Eventually, the owner (who had not been taking a paycheck forever) couldn't pay the bills and was forced to close.

Sound pretty extreme to you? Actually it's not. This story plays out everyday in every martial arts school and sports center nationwide. The worse part about it is that these amazing teachers/coaches cannot share their God-given gifts to anyone, anymore. Their methods will be lost forever.

So, if you have a great teacher, instructor, or coach in any activity, do them and yourself a favor and refer everyone you can to them. Otherwise you will look back one day and yearn for the great experiences you had when training with that amazing teacher.

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