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Try This Low-impact Total Body Exercise (video included)

If you are looking for one exercise that, does it all, this is it. This exercise strengthens your upper, lower, and core muscles. It's also a great balance-stabilization exercise. Additionally, increasing the speed at which you perform them, will increase your cardiorespiratory endurance, making this is a complete workout in just one exercise.

This great low-impact total body exercise is called Lateral Bear Crawls.

How to perform:

  1. Start in a push-up position (no knees on the ground).

  2. Walk laterally across the room by stepping your same-side hand and foot out to the side, then bringing over your other same-side hand and foot.

  3. When the time is up, repeat in the opposite direction for the same amount of "steps"

Sets and times:

  • Beginners walk laterally for 15 seconds, then walk laterally in the opposite direction for 15 seconds (30seconds total). Rest one minute, and repeat (if able). Perform 1-3 sets.

  • Avid exercisers walk laterally for 30 seconds, then walk laterally in the opposite direction for 30 seconds (one minute total). Rest 1-2 minutes and repeat. Perform 3-5 sets.

Below is a quick video of this exercise. Have fun! Let me know how you like it.

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Until next time, Stay Fit!

Lawrence Castanon,

Author, The Short Fight


Lateral Bear Crawls

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