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Your 21st Boot Camp Workout Is Here

Welcome to week twenty-one of my Boot Camp series of workouts designed to get you even stronger and more fit. Remember to work at your own pace, as these workouts require that you have a strong fitness foundation. If you are new to working out please see my previous blogs to get my 12 week basic functional body-weight training program.

This week's workout is called "Animality". This is a great workout that utilizes functional animal movements, then ends with a few intense cardio kickboxing combinations.

There's no equipment for this workout, but don't be fooled this is an advanced routine. Members, if you want help with this routine let me know and I can do a live-online online workout with you and your partner.

21st Bootcamp Workout: Animality

Warm-up (30 - 45 seconds per exercise) and Repeat:

  • Deep Knee Bends

  • Star Pushups (legs and arms wide apart)

  • Supine Plank (sitting w/ legs and arms off ground)

  • Bug Crunch

  • High Knee Running in Place

Strength Training (1-3 min. per exercise):

  • Bear Crawl (pushup position, move opposite arms and legs forward).

  • Duck Walk (deep knee bent position, walk across floor).

  • Crab Walk (seated position, lift butt off ground and walk on hands & feet).

  • Frog Hops (from deep knee bent position, jump forward onto hands first then bring feet alongside).

  • Gorilla Crawl (on knuckles & feet w/ hips in air, swing hips out to the side of the hand farthest from the body, then switch hands and repeat to other side).

  • Spider Crawl (in pushup position, crawl forward w/ opposite hands & feet and lower ear & body toward the floor).

Kickboxing Drills 90-120 sec. each:

  • Lead Jab - Rear Uppercut, Rear Cross – Lead Uppercut.

  • 5 Downward Elbows (12 o’clock to 6 o’clock).

  • 2 Round Kicks, 4 Straight Punches (jab/crosses).

  • 5 Back Heel Kicks and switch.

Have fun and let me know how you did, or if you have any questions. For more workouts to improve your performance for fitness and self-defense, get my book, The Short Fight, on Amazon at You will also get free access to all my exercise and self-defense instructional videos by signing up at Want to get in the best shape of your life? Check out our fitness training programs here Until next time, Stay Safe! Lawrence Castanon, Author, The Short Fight #theshortfight

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