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Your 24th Boot Camp Workout Is Here!

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Welcome to week twenty-four of my Boot Camp series of workouts designed to get you even stronger and more fit. Remember to work at your own pace, as these workouts require that you have a strong fitness foundation. If you are new to working out please see my previous blogs to get my 12 week basic functional body-weight training program.

This week's workout is called "No Holds Barred " because other than the warm-up, you will be performing high intensity mixed martial arts moves from wrestling and kickboxing.

After doing the warm up twice, perform the four rounds in order. A jump rope is the only equipment for this workout. If you don't have one, just perform the jump rope motion in the air (arms moving while legs skipping).

If you're new to intense cardio workouts, you should start with the lesser times for each exercise (30 seconds, and 60 seconds respectively), for one circuit. Eventually, work your way up to two (or more) circuits at the higher times for the exercises (120 seconds respectively).

Members, if you want help with this routine let me know and I can do a complimentary live-online online workout with you and your partner.

24th Bootcamp Workout - No Holds Barred

Warm-up (30-60 seconds per exercise) and Repeat:

  • Pushups on Knees.

  • Air Squats.

  • Bicycle Crunches.

  • Heel Raises.

  • Rest for 1-2 minutes then Repeat one time.

Round One – 60-120 seconds each:

  • Shadow Boxing.

  • Chest Sweep Pushups.

  • Jumping Rope.

  • Rest One Minute.

Round Two – 60-120 seconds each:

  • Shadow Kickboxing.

  • Deep Knee Bends.

  • Jumping Rope.

  • Rest One Minute.

Round Three – 60-120 seconds:

  • Shadow Wrestling (practice taking down assailant with double/single leg takedowns, etc.).

  • Jackknives.

  • Jumping Rope.

  • Rest One Minute.

Round Four – 60-120 seconds:

  • Wrestler's Sprawls & Scrambles (alternative: do burpees).

  • Mountain Climbers.

  • Jumping Rope.

  • Rest One Minute.

Cooldown Stretch - 5 minutes

  • Various

Have fun and let me know how you did, or if you have any questions.

For more workouts to improve your performance for fitness and self-defense, get my book, The Short Fight, on Amazon at You will also get free access to all my exercise and self-defense instructional videos by signing up at Want to get in the best shape of your life? Check out our fitness training programs here Until next time, Stay Fit! Lawrence Castanon, Author, The Short Fight #theshortfight

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