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Last Chance Holiday Sale

Hey all, this is the last week I will be taking orders before the holidays begin.

Haven't found that perfect gift for your loved one (or yourself) yet ?

Have you thought about fitness or self-defense for yourself or a loved one?

Well now is your chance to try one of our In-person, or Online, Self-defense and Fitness Programs for 50% Off!

Not planning on starting it right away? No problem! Once you purchase any plan, you don't have to start it until you are ready.

Additionally, if you decide you want to continue with the program afterwards, you can renew your monthly membership at the same low price! Now that's a deal!

Our programs are backed with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you try a lesson and don't like it for any reason, I will gladly reimburse you.

Sign up today! Just go to and

Use Code: "Last50" at checkout.

Happy Holidays!

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