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Simple Escape Off The Ground (from the bottom position)

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

The worst position to be in is on the ground with an assailant mounted on and you hitting you at will. The reasons why it is so bad is because that mounted position allows them to control your body, and reach you with strikes without getting hit back.

A simple way to escape this position is by using the Buck, Bridge, and Roll technique. Bucking and bridging allows you to keep your hips mobile as opposed to having them pinned down by the assailant's mounted position. Having your hips constantly in motion, offers you opportunities to escape the mounted position, whereas keeping them flat on the ground keeps you pinned down and trapped.

How to perform the Buck, Bridge, and Roll:
  1. Once you are on your back, immediately plant your feet firmly on the ground (knees are up) as close to your butt as possible.

  2. Pin your elbows to your sides so the assailant's knees cannot get up to your armpits (you'll need to use a different tactic if you allow this to happen), And place your hands on their hips.

  3. Quickly (explosively) lift your hips up off the ground (bucking) as high as you can. Perform this repeatedly if they are punching you (also, block their punches). This will destabilize them and cause them to use their hands to catch themselves from falling off you.

  4. As you bridge, push your hands up into their hips, and turn to either side. NOTE: Do not put your hands higher than their hips, or it may not work.

  5. Roll with their weight until your knees/shins are on the ground. If they end up on their back, great! If not, you should be on your forearms and knees and can get up.

Below is an instructional video of how to perform the Buck, Bridge, and Roll.

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Buck, Bridge, and Roll

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