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The Rear Standing Choke (instructional video included)

All too often, street fights end up on the ground with both combatants rolling around, leaving either one of them vulnerable to a third party attack. Being entangled on the ground with a guy when his friend starts to attack you is one of the worse situations you can be in because you won't be able to defend against the additional attacker.


The Standing Choke technique helps you to finish the fight quickly, without putting yourself in a precarious position.

Important: Chokes are very dangerous and should only be used as a last resort in a fight. No doubt, you have seen all the news reports of people who died after getting choked out. The last thing you want is to go to jail because you accidentally killed someone. Additionally, choking someone in a fight is not socially acceptable, and has oftentimes caused spectators to jump in and attack the person who is choking the "victim" in the fight.

Keys to successfully perform the rear choke without causing permanent injury:

  1. Do Not choke them with your forearm, as that can cause strangulation and/or crushing of the trachea (killing them). Instead make sure the crook of your elbow (inside fleshy part) is on the assailants trachea.

  2. Do Not squeeze hard. When performing the rear naked choke, you are simply blocking the carotid arteries, which cuts off the blood supply to the brain; this only requires a few ounces of pressure. Squeezing them too hard can crush them (which may cause death).

  3. Do Not hold the choke too long. If you performed the previous two steps correctly, the assailant will become unconsciousness within five to ten seconds. Let them go and escape. Even if they are not completely unconscious at the point, they will be too incapacitated to fight you.

  4. If you need to continue to control the assailant for a period of time, release the choke and switch to the backpack-seatbelt position.

Below is an instructional video of how to perform the Rear Standing Choke.

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Rear Standing Choke

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