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Assailant Controlling you? Use This Technique To Get Them To Release You.

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

A scary position to be in is with a strong assailant controlling you, either by holding your arms, or holding you in a bear hug. However, there is a very effective technique that will force them to release you immediately. It’s also very easy to do.

This weeks technique is the head butt:

The head butt utilizes the forehead (front of the head), which is the most durable part of the skull, so that is what you want to strike them with. A well place forehead strike to an assailants nose, face, or temple region can cause them excruciating pain, and/or dizziness. They will immediately be forced to release their hold on you. Head butting is so painfully effective that it has even been banned from most combat sports.

Additionally, the headbutt is a simple movement that does not require any strength, (if you've ever been accidentally head butted in the face by your child you know how painful it is!).

You only need to head butt the assailant as quick as you can, and as many times needed for them to release you.

How to perform a head butt:

  1. Position your head straight, with chin down, and shoulders up. This “locks” your head in between your upper trapezius muscles, and is important for maximum power.

  2. Thrust yourself foreword and ram your forehead into the assailant's face (nose, mouth, etc.).

  3. If the assailant is holding your arms (as pictured above), quickly step towards them while driving your forehead into their face. Repeat this action until they release you.

  4. If the assailant has you in a bear hug (not shown), simply ram your forehead upwards into their nose and mouth repeatedly until they release you.

Target areas for head butting:

The preferred places to head butt an assailant are their nose, mouth, and/or temple. Warning! Never head butt the assailant on their forehead! This may result in dizziness or unconsciousness to yourself.

Below is a quick video of how to perform the headbutt.

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How To Perform The Head Butt

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