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Palm Heel Strikes from your Back (guard position)

This weeks self defense technique of the week is a crucial defense to learn in case you find yourself on your back with an assailant on top of you.

This defense works when your legs are around the outside of the assailant's hips/waist (the guard). This defense will not work if their legs are around your waist (the mounted position). In that case, you will need to reverse or escape the position (shown in my other videos).

How to perform:

  1. Position your legs around the assailants waist (the guard position).

  2. Push the sides of your legs into the assailants hips.

  3. Use your legs to pull the assailant into you as you hit them with palm heel strike to their face.

  4. Push them away if they attempt to strike you, or to escape the bottom position.

  5. Fluctuate between pulling them into you (and striking), and pushing them away to stay away from their strikes, and/or escape.

Keys for success:

  1. Practice slow and controlled with a cooperative partner until you get the technique down, Then have your partner give you more trouble (moving around and pretending he's hitting you) as you try to control the position and/or escape.

Below is a quick video of how to perform the palm heel strikes from your back.

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Lawrence Castanon,

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Palm Heel Strikes from your Back (guard position)

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