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Stand-up to Ground Fighting Transition #1

Most fights end up on the ground because they enter into a clinch. At that point the bigger, stronger person will overpower the weaker person and take them down to the ground. As you can imagine, being on your back with a stronger person on top of you is a self-defense nightmare!

If you learn how to strike when in the clinch however, you can avoid getting taken down. You can also set up your own takedown. This will put you on top, where you can then strike the assailant and/or escape.

The impact that occurs from taking someone down to the ground can end the fight by itself. If it doesn't, you will have the upper hand when defending yourself (striking them). It will also allow you to escape when you want to (which won't happen if they are on top of you).

Finally, takedowns require more skill than strength. This allows you to be able to take down a bigger, stronger assailant. The more you practice it, the easier you will take them down.

In this video you will learn:

  • The over-under clinch (one arm over their arm, and one arm under their other arm).

  • The best strikes to use from the over-under clinch.

  • A simple setup and takedown.

  • Striking and escaping from the top position.

Below is an instructional video of how to perform the Stand-up to Ground Fighting Transition.

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Lawrence Castanon,

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Stand-up to Ground Fighting Transition #1

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