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Up-kicking An Assailant from The Ground (instructional video)

Probably the scariest position you can be in is on your back with an assailant hovering over you. They can deliver powerful kicks, stomps, and punches to your head or body, and their isn't a lot you can do from there.

Up-kicking the assailant when you are on your back is your best shot to create enough room so you can get back up to your feet, allowing you to either run away, or continue the fight. Everyone should practice this crucial self defense technique in case you find yourself in this precarious situation.

How to perform:

  1. When lying on your back, keep your back rounded, with your head and legs off the ground. This will allow you to stay mobile so you can attack or escape.

  2. Keep your feet facing the assailant at all times to avoid getting stomped.

  3. Deliver kicks to the assailants shin, knees, groin, sternum/chest, and/or face depending on which of their body part is closest to you.

  4. Spin in the direction of the assailant (so your feet are always facing them) if s/he moves around, rocking back and forth will help you to spin.

  5. Once the assailant has backed away sufficiently GET UP.

Below is a quick tutorial of how to check kicks.

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Lawrence Castanon,

Author, The Short Fight

Up-Kicking an Assailant from the Ground

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